Bailey MacDiarmid (nee Cockerill)

Bailey MacDiarmid

Health on Hillcrest opened it’s doors in November 2017 by founder, Bailey MacDiarmid (nee Cockerill) who has always had a passion for health &wellness

She started her studies at WITS university where she received her BSc (HMS & Physiology) before completing her degree at UCT with a BSc (Med)(Hon) Biokinetics in 2008. An internship followed at the JHB Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology where she spent a further 4 years gaining experience in the chronic disease sector. During this time a BASI Pilates MWTT certification was obtained and has since formed an integral part in all of her rehabilitative work.

Having always been a rather sporting individual herself, she decided to delve further into the sports and orthopaedic rehabilitative sphere and set up her own practice within the Endurance Sports and Wellness Centre in 2011, gaining more experience in a multidisciplinary setup, where her passion for collaborative work grew.

A further 6 years of working within a multidisciplinary set up grew Bailey’s confidence allowing her the opportunity to establish Health on Hillcrest.

Health on Hillcrest has been exceptionally fortunate to have a fantastic team of passionate therapist join since its inception in 2017.  The hope is to continue to provide a multidisciplinary practice with therapist who enjoy working in a collaborative environment and can harness the benefit of a using the various skills sets available to the benefit of all who wish to be treated here.


Gill Scheepers

Gill started off her journey in the health and wellness industry as a Pilates instructor in 2008, after completing a Bsc in Human Movement Science and Physiology at Wits.  Following this, Gill went on to complete a variety of Pilates courses, including the BASI comprehensive teacher training course, as well as Pilates for pregnancy. After a few years of teaching Pilates, Gill decided to pursue her passion in Biokinetics, by enrolling to complete her honors degree, followed by an internship at the Centre of Diabetes and Endocrinology.

During internship, Gill also completed the CDE advanced course in Diabetes care for healthcare professionals, and continues to be passionate about chronic disease management, through exercise therapy. Gill then joined forces with Kayla in 2017, and together, they started Forbes and Scheepers Biokineticists and later establish Fit4Two with partner Kayla Forbes.

Gill is passionate about using exercise therapy to treat her patients, and believes in taking an individualised and caring approach to ensure that the best quality of life is achieved, through the use of individualised and appropriate exercise therapy. Gill is married to Chris, and they have a beautiful baby daughter together. Gill is an avid marathon and ultra marathon runner in her spare time as well as being the co –founder of the Fit4Two pre – and post natal exercise program.


Kayla Forbes

Kayla Forbes completed a BCom Sports Management at UJ and then went on to get a BHSc specialising in Biokinetics at WITS. She has always played sport competitively. Kayla is passionate about helping people and she loves enhancing peoples’ lives through Biokinetics. Kayla was lucky enough to gain some international experience working at a Health and Wellness Centre in Dallas, Texas.

She is a director of Forbes and Scheepers Biokineticists and Fit4Two with special interest in Chronic Disease and pre- and post- natal exercise. Kayla believes that exercise is the best medicine and if everyone can live by that motto we will be happier and healthier.


Dr Matthew Franzsen

Dr Matthew Franzsen graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an MTech Chiropractic and started his career by working as an associate Chiropractor at an esteemed Chiropractic Practice in Sandton. He went on to pursue his passion for Chiropractic treatment and opened Pure Symmetry Chiropractic.

Matthew’s expertise in Sports Chiropractic is driven by his affinity and passion for competitive cycling and triathlons. Matthew has always been an avid sportsman and has many years of experience in the coaching and fitness industry. He believes in whole body health and using a combination of treatments, exercise and good nutrition to achieve this.

Dr  James Lowe

Dr James Lowe

Dr James Lowe graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a MTech Chiropractic. He went on to pursue his passion for Chiropractic treatment and in conjunction with Dr Franzsen opened the Pure Symmetry Chiropractic Practice in Kyalami.

​James’ expertise in Sports Chiropractic is driven by his affinity and passion for competitive multi-discipline sports. James has always been an avid sportsman and has many years of experience in the coaching and fitness industry. He believes in whole body health and using a combination of treatments, exercise and good nutrition to achieve this.

Sharoni Tsarafi

Sharoni Tsarafi

Sharoni Tsarafi completed her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Johannesburg in 2015. Her training included practical experience at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital and Helen Joseph Hospital.

In 2016 she fulfilled her internship at Tara Psychiatric Hospital where she gained experience in the adolescent unit, eating disorder unit and the adult unit for intensive psychotherapy.

Following this, in 2017 Sharoni fulfilled her community service at Sterkfontein Psychiatric hospital where she worked in the male unit.

In 2018 Sharoni performed as clinical head at Papillon Psychiatric Recovery Centre.

Currently, she is working full time in private practice at Health on Hillcrest in Craighall Park.

Jenny Meyer

Jenny Meyer

Jenny is a registered dietitian with a passion for nutrition, health and wellness. She is committed to empowering her clients with knowledge and resources to help them to reach their nutrition and health goals and assist them with simplifying nutrition information, highlighting key nutrition messages and developing a sustainable, balanced approach for them that fits into their lifestyle.

She believes in a ‘food first’ approach and the importance of nourishing and nurturing our bodies; working closely with her clients to provide them with individualised nutrition advice and meal plans, practical nutrition tips, tools and materials, ongoing motivation and support and working on behaviour change.

Jenny sees a wide range of conditions in her practice, for people of all ages. These include but are not limited to weight management, gastro-intestinal conditions/gut health; cancer; pregnancy and breastfeeding; PCOS, insulin resistance and diabetes; heart disease and raised cholesterol levels; food allergies and intolerances; general health, wellness and improved energy levels; vegetarian eating. She also offers gene-based testing and interpretation of results.

Kgomotso Ntau

Kgomtso Ntau

Kgomotso Teffo qualified as a beauty specialist and has worked at numerous clinics performing all beauty related treatments, with skin therapy as her specialty.

She joined a medical aesthetics clinic in 2013 and has never looked back! She would assist Doctors doing FUE and has trained in a number of advanced aesthetic treatments and hair rejuvenation. She is currently furthering her skills set, studying Trichology with the World Tricology Society and operates her clinic, Skinstitute, from Health on Hillcrest.


Dessy Tzoneva

Choosing a therapist can be tricky. How do we know who we’ll feel comfortable with? Will they understand us? Judge us? Will we feel safe enough to open up to them about deeply personal issues? Knowing a little more about the other human being we’ll encounter could help us make our decision.

Clinical Psychologist, Dessy Tzoneva, has a love of language, presence, and kindness. Born in Bulgaria, she has experienced both the separateness of different cultures, and the unity in a shared humanity. She completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology through the University of Pretoria, and – over the last few years – has worked with patients at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, 1 Military Hospital, Itsoseng Community Clinic, Rahima Moosa Mother & Child Hospital, Tara Psychiatric Hospital, and Leratong Hospital.

Before following her passion for psychotherapy, Dessy worked in the language editing and copywriting field, where she gained an understanding of work dynamics, the corporate environment, and just how vital it is that we feel fulfilled in the work we do.

Dessy believes in a holistic approach to mental health, and in the benefit psychotherapy has to offer not only to people living with a mental illness, but also those seeking a more meaningful and rewarding existence. She feels driven to make psychotherapy more accessible to people who are committed to investing in themselves, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.


Jessica Baker

Pure Energy Sports Therapy was stared on the 31 of July 2012.

I have over 10 years of experience working in the sports massage industry as well as the holistic therapeutic massage industry.

At Pure Energy Sports Therapy I offer Therapeutic Sports Massage along with other specified treatments. Our objective is to provide professional sports massage and prevent injuries.

We specialize in injury prevention and rehabilitation with using specific therapeutic techniques. When working with professional athletes we are dedicated to injury prevention and are able to enhance and speed up recovery time for such individuals.

Studies have shown that massage increases recovery time and improves performance in multi-stage events.

Massage is not just for sports men and women or purely to aid recovery in athletes; it is for everyone; the daily ‘stressors’ of life affects everybody: of all statures of life.

We strive to aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation, removal of stagnant toxins and overall relaxation to promote a healthier, happier body.